90 Seconds That Matter!

Hired at first site?

The average job interview lasts 40 minutes. Think of an interview like a test, to get an A+ it takes studying and preparation. The goal is to show in every way possible, “I am the best person for this position.” For some interviewers the decision is finalized earlier, statistics show 33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds if they will hire you. Looking to change your job or career? These steps can help you with the 90 seconds that matter the most!

Use a stopwatch or timer and let 90 seconds pass. These seconds are make it or break it. This statistic reveals the importance of first impressions. An interviewer’s observations and assumptions quickly determine the fate of some candidates.
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Once you walk into the interview location, turn on the best version of yourself and make a great first impression using your clothing and both verbal and nonverbal communication.

A study found 70% of hiring managers did not consider a candidate due to dressing too trendy and 49% of employers stated candidates dress inappropriately. It’s difficult to clearly define “Trendy”, therefore the best option is to choose a conservative look. A black or blue skirt or pant suit for example.

Greet the receptionist with a smile and be polite. Engage with the interviewer right away; shake hands, maintain eye contact, speak clearly and do not lie. Hiring managers stated that 67% of candidates fail to maintain eye contact, 39% do not smile and 66% were caught lying about something. Smiling and eye contact show interest as well as confidence.
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When interacting with the interviewer keep your arms to the side, crossed arms may give the perception of nervousness. Keep the facial muscles relaxed and maintain good posture while sitting in a chair.
Smiling and speaking clearly are small gestures. By Keeping these tips in mind, in addition to studying and preparing questions you achieve the 90 second great impression.

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