The Interview That Matters!

Applicants may view the job interview as a monotonous process that only ends in disappointment. If you receive an interview, it is an accomplishment because only an estimated 2% of all job applicants receive interviews. This is an interview guide to turn your disappointment into triumph.
Before the Interview
• Review the resume the company received.
• Practice your answers to the most commonly asked interview questions.
• Keep your attire conservative. Statistics reveal that 70% of interviewers thought applicants dressed too fashionable or trendy.
• Research the company. A survey taken by 2,000 bosses showed 47% of candidates do not get the job because applicants knew little to nothing about the company.
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The Interview
• Be at least 10 minutes early.
• Hiring managers and CEOs can determine quickly if you fit the job. 33% of bosses know they will hire someone within the first 90 seconds. Within this timeframe show good posture, demeanor, and confidence.
• Maintain eye contact. 67% of candidates are eliminated from the selection process due to poor eye contact during the interview.
• When answering questions it’s more about presentation than words. Statistics show higher influencers during an interview are confidence 38% and what the applicant says is only 7%. So, your grammar and voice quality are more important that what you actually say.
• Ask questions. Inform the interviewer you plan to take notes during the discussion and use this opportunity to create questions.
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After the Interview
• Send a thank you email to your interviewer within 24 hours after the interview.
• If you receive no feedback or decision don’t take it personally. Just move on to the next opportunity.
If you are changing careers, or lack work experience these guidelines will move you from a mediocre interview to the job offer you want.

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