Free Dental Care

Dental problems can be very expensive to treat. It is not uncommon for individuals to avoid dental procedures such as dental implants, dentures, or other oral surgery solutions simply due to the cost. If you need free dentures or if you need free dental services and do not have the ability to pay for it yourself, there are potentially free dental care services that you may qualify for. Members of the dental community do offer help to those in need. While dental help is available, there is no guarantee that every single applicant for free dental work will receive care.

In most situations, free dental services are provided to those with low-income. Usually free dental treatment is targeted towards medically at-risk cases, the disabled, and to seniors who are unable to afford and provide dental care services for themselves. If any of these describe your situation, you might qualify for assistance or free dental treatment.

Dental Lifeline Network Donated Dental Services

Dental Lifeline Network Donated Dental Services is a nationwide network of dentists and labs that offer comprehensive free dental treatment. The Network’s purpose is to provide help to those who are in need and lack the income to pay for their dental needs. The Network contains over 15,000 dentists across the United States. This program is designed to step in when Medicare and Medicaid do not cover essential dental services.

To apply, simply visit their website at and click on a state. Each state listing will give you an email and phone number for a representative that you can contact to get started. Availability is limited by the number of dentists enrolled in the volunteer program in your area.

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